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About BOT > Executive Directory
Service Manager   Chaiwat (66(0)2283-6847)      
  Executive Directory 
Mr. Prasarn Trairatvorakul0-2283-5010
1.Deputy Governor
Monetary Stability
Mrs. Pongpen Ruengvirayudh0-2283-5003
1.1 Assistant Governor
Monetary Policy Group
Mr. Mathee Supapongse0-2283-5100
Senior Director (Advisor)
Mr. Songtum Pinto0-2283-5620
Senior Director
Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Department
Mrs. Roong Mallikamas02-283-5601
Senior Director
International Department
Mrs. Alisara Mahasandana0-2283-6330
Economic Research Department
Mr. Piti Disyatat0-2283-6964
1.2 Assistant Governor
Financial Markets Operations Group
Mrs. Chantavarn Sucharitakul0-2283-5004
Senior Director
Financial Markets Department
Miss Vachira Arromdee0-2283-5401
Senior Director
Reserve Management Department
Mr. Amporn Sangmanee0-2283-5488
Foreign Exchange Administration and Policy Department
Mr. Nutt Lumbikananda0-2283-6706
2. Deputy Governor
Financial Institutions Stability
Mrs. Tongurai Limpiti0-2283-5008
2.1 Assistant Governor
Financial Institutions Policy Group
Mrs. Ruchukorn  Siriyodhin0-2283-5005
Senior Director
Financial Institutions Strategy Department
Mr. Jaturong Jantarangs0-2283-5807
Senior Director
Regulatory Policy Department
Mr. Somboon Chitphentom0-2283-5932
Senior Director
Payment Systems Policy Department
Mrs. Nisarat Trairatvorakul0-2356-7190
2.2 Assistant Governor
Supervision Group
Mr. Ronadol Numnonda0-2283-5006
Senior Director
Onsite Examination Department 1
Mr. Anupap Kuvinichkul0-2283-5801
Senior Director
Onsite Examination Department 2
Miss Siritida Panomwon Na Ayudhya0-2283-5930
Senior Director
Financial Institutions Monitoring and Analysis Department
Mrs. Nawaron Dejsuvan0-2283-5820
Risk Management and Information System Examination Department
Mrs. Budsakorn Teerapunyachai0-2283-6951
Specialized Financial Institutions and Non-bank Examination Department
Mr. Boonthong Pruksamahasal0-2283-6940
Financial Institution Applications Department
Mrs. Vireka Suntapuntu0-2283-5951
Planning and Development Department
Miss Sunadda Paripunna0-2283-5947
2.3 Senior Director
FIDF Management Department
Miss Preyanuch Chuengprasert0-2356-7110
3. Deputy Governor
Corporate Support Services and Banknote Management
Mr. Paiboon Kittisrikangwan0-2283-6996
3.1 Assistant Governor
Information Technology Group
Mr. Permsuk Sutthinoon0-2283-5002
Senior Director
Payment and Bond  Department
Mrs. Pornvadee Tapasanan0-2283-5440
Senior Director
Statistic and Information Systems Department
Mrs. Pusadee Ganjarerndee0-2283-5630
Senior Director
Statistic and Information Systems Department
Mr. Pichit Patrawimolpon
Senior Director
Information Technology Department
Mrs. Bhusadi Muhpayak0-2283-6005
3.2 Assistant Governor
Management  Assistance Group
Mr. Satorn Topothai0-2283-5101
Senior Director (Advisor)
Mr. Weerachat Sribunma0-2356-7225
Senior Director
Corporate Communications Department
Mr. Chirathep Senivongs Na Ayudhya0-2283-5419
Senior Director
Legal and Litigation Department
Mr. Pruettipong Srimachand0-2283-5706
Senior Director
Corporate Services Department
Mrs. Suree Jeraratanasopa0-2283-6300
Security Department
Mr. Chalermpol Kimprapan0-2356-7966
3.3 Assistant Governor
Human Resources and Organization Development Group
Mr. Nutavoot Pongsiri0-2356-7334
Senior Director
Human Resources Department
Mrs.Thanyanit Niyomkarn0-2283-5501
Organization Development Department
Mrs. Pachaya Sriplung0-2283-6974
Learning and Development Institute
Miss Matana Waitayakomol0-2283-6600
3.4 Assistant Governor
Planning and Budgeting Group
Mrs. Supawadee Punsri0-2283-6901
Senior Director
Finance and Accounting Department
Miss Wongwatoo Potirat0-2283-6339
Strategic Services Department
Mr. Tharith Panpiemraas0-2283-6900
Library Archives and Museum
Miss Prapakorn Wannakanok0-2283-5690
Financial Consumer Protection Center
Mrs. Chanatip Jariyawiroj0-2283-6160
Senior Director
Northern Region Office
Mr. Singhachai Boonyayotin0-5393-1000 ext 1001
Senior Director
Northeastern Region Office
Mr. Chanchai Buratavorn0-4333-3000 ext 3100
Senior Director
Southern Region Office
Mrs. Wajeetip Pongpech0-7427-2000 ext 4300
3.5 Assistant Governor
Banknote Management Group
Mr. Woraporn Tangsaghasaksri0-2356-8101
Senior Director
Banknote Operation Department
Mrs. Wasna Nimityongskul0-2356-8701
Senior Director
Note Printing Works
Mr. Wirat Kitipipat0-2356-8201
Banknote Strategic Planning Department
Mr.Sarun Thamrongrat0-2356-8102
Accounting and Supply Department
Mrs.Saranya Wajananawat0-2356-8601
Human Resource Management and Development Department
Mr. Nirut Limmanee0-2356-8501
Banknote Research Department
Miss Sopee Sa-Nguandekul0-2356-8301
3.6 Senior Director
Enterprise Risk Management Department
Mr. Parisun Chantanahom0-2356-7919
4. Assistant Governor
Internal Audit Group
Miss Nawaporn Maharagkaga0-2283-6200
4.1 Senior Director
Internal Audit and Compliance Department
Mrs. Niramon Asavamanee0-2283-5702
5. Senior Director
Office of Corporate Strategy
Mr.Titanun Mallikamas0-2356-7759
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