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Foreign Exchange Regulations > Types of Foreign Exchange Licenses
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  Types of Foreign Exchange Licenses 

 Types of Foreign Exchange Licenses and Scope of Business

Authorized juristic person: means commercial banks and juristic persons established by spepcific law and authorized to transact business relating to f oreign means of payment.

Authorized Money Changer:
1. Buy foreign currency notes or traveler's cheques payable in foreign currencies.
2. Sell foreign currency notes to those travelling abroad under the specified rules and procedures.

Authorized Money Transfer Agents:
1. Receive foreign currencies from persons residing abroad in order to pay Baht to recipients in Thailand.
2. Remit foreign currencies to beneficiaries abroad as requested by senders in Thailand.

Authorized Company:
1. Buy traveler's' chehques or pay money to international crediti card holders in exchanging for the right to reimburse.
2. Sell traveler's cheques to persons travelling abroad.

Treasury Center: manage foreign currency funds for group of companies
1. Purchase of foreign currency obligaations or invoices from their group of companies in Baht, a nd payment to or receipt from counterparties abroad in foreign currencies.
2. Netting of foreign currency obligations with counterparties abroad.
3. Purchase or sale of foreign currencies as a result of the netting and management of exchange rate risk.
4. Liquidity management
    4.1 Borrowing foreign currencies from abroad and lend Baht to group of companies.
    4.2 Managing group of companies' excess liquidity by lending it in foreign currencies abroad.


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