EC_EI_015 Private Consumption Indicators
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  Last Updated : 10 May 2019 18:56 (Unit: Millions of Baht or as stated)  
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1Electricity consumption (million kilowat-hour) 1/16,302.6913,485.7414,039.5814,285.0214,933.5515,118.14
2   Household 2/3,671.292,927.003,213.463,335.313,453.663,457.20
3   Small-scale business (consume 0-30 kw) 2/1,754.291,475.691,576.431,636.911,665.341,650.35
4   Medium-scale busines (consume 31-999 kw) 2/2,593.452,205.212,263.572,360.672,470.572,445.14
5   Large-scale business (consume 1,000 kw onwards) 2/6,461.855,659.965,749.065,697.725,931.976,096.50
6   Special business 3/575.67473.99501.60501.82500.15491.85
7Quantity sales of benzene (Million litres) 4/321.60309.13295.68338.14275.45289.18
8Value added Tax at 2000 prices (Millions of Baht)n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
9Import of consumer goods at 2000 prices (Millions of US$) 5/n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
10Sales of beverage 4/      
11   Beer (1,000 litres)247,843.21192,868.08166,331.82243,757.16204,952.20184,860.96
12   Soda Water and Drinking Water (Million litres)241.33179.08176.00211.85190.86177.56
13Sales of vehicles (Units) 4/      
14   Passenger cars27,88521,78822,46428,73028,38122,201
15   Motorcycles139,039131,535138,185134,201121,699135,165
16Insured Persons and Beneficiaries 6/      
17   Insured Persons (article 33)10,365,42410,348,75310,314,55110,391,76110,363,49510,266,653
18   Utilisation in case of Unemployment133,247123,087114,150123,536123,239126,891
19Retail Sales Index (2002 = 100) 7/232.01206.97200.80239.91210.70207.86

1. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
2. Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority, Ministry of the Interior
3. Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy
4. Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance
5. Customs Department, Ministry of Finance
6. Social Security Office, Ministry of Labour
7. Bank of Thailand
1/ Figures of total consumption are from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, whereas those of economic sectors are from the Metropolitan and Provincial Electricity Authorities.
2/ The figures have been reclassified by the Metropolitan and Provincial Electricity Authorities according to the volume of consumption (load pattern), effective December 1991.
3/ Hotels and other lodging rental services except rent houses.
4/ Starting January 2011 onwards, the BOT's series have been replaced by those disseminated by the Office of Industrial Economics, with historical time series available back to January 2000.
5/ The Bank of Thailand has revised Import of consumer goods based on new classification of Harmonized System (HS 2012) starting from January 2000
6/ Since 30 December 2010, the number of utilisation incase of unemployment obtained from the Social Security Office, Ministry of Labour is used, instead of termination of employment.
7/ Retail sales Index, included retail sales and Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; retail sale of automotive fuel, which each firm reports in Form VAT 30. The data has been revised backward since additional data are reported by The Revenue Department.