EC_EI_020 Trade Indices and Terms of Trade (US$) 1/
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2   Export price101.10100.70100.70101.10100.90101.20
3   Export value100.65103.18108.06107.52115.25110.87
4   Export volume 99.56102.46107.31106.35114.22109.56
6   Import price93.6393.5392.9393.2393.0393.63
7   Import value90.7192.8197.0593.3796.37101.96
8   Import volume 96.8899.23104.44100.15103.59108.90
9Terms of trade107.98107.66108.36108.44108.46108.08

Ministry of Commerce and Bank of Thailand
1/ - Total export and import value indices are calculated based on total exports and imports (BOP basis).
- Price indices (in terms of US dollar) are obtained from Bureau of Trade and Economic Indices (BTEI), Ministry of Commerce.
- Volume indices = value indices (in terms of US dollar) / price indices (in terms of US dollar)*100
- The entire series of indices have been rescaled to 2012 = 100, in line with export and import price indices compiled by the Bureau of Trade and Economic Indices, Ministry of Commerce.