FI_CB_080_S3 Credit Card Data Classified by Types of Cards 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/
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  Total Number of Account 5/Credit Outstanding 6/Amount of Outstanding over 3 months 7/Local Purchase Volume on Domestically-issued Cards 8/Local Purchase Volume on Foreign-issued Cards 8/Total Local Purchase Volume 8/Overseas Purchase Volume on Domestically-issued Cards 8/Cash Advance 9/Total Card Usage Volume 8/
11. Commercial Banks11,618,919279,428.846,242.69113,465.8424,533.42137,999.2610,085.6913,130.11161,215.08
2    1.1 Bank Card 10/287,7343,479.8725.943,172.52n.a.3,172.520.000.003,172.52
3    1.2 Affinity Card11,331,185275,948.976,216.75110,293.32n.a.110,293.3210,085.698,005.83128,384.85
4    1.3 Other Corporations or Foreign Credit Cardn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.24,533.4224,533.42n.a.5,124.2829,657.70
52. Non-Bank12,001,455177,661.132,561.1961,404.50347.9961,752.494,147.527,166.2273,066.23
6    2.1 Company Card 11/163,4633,369.5820.951,629.03n.a.1,629.03878.3626.412,533.79
7    2.2 Affinity Card11,837,992174,291.562,540.2459,775.46n.a.59,775.463,269.177,139.8270,184.45
8    2.3 Other Corporations or Foreign Credit Cardn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.347.99347.99n.a.0.00347.99
93. Total23,620,374457,089.978,803.89174,870.3424,881.41199,751.7514,233.2120,296.33234,281.30

1/ From Q4/2002 onward , credit card data will be disseminated in a format provided by BOT's Noticification No.FPG.(21)C.207/2545 dated 12 November 2002. So monthly credit card data isn't available.
2/ From Q4/2002 onward , Non - Bank include Krungthai Card Public Company Limited and Krung Sriayudhya Card Co.Ltd.
3/ Since Jan 2005 change frequency quarterly to monthly.
4/ Volume of local card usage abroad during Dec 2010 and Feb 2011 increased drastically due to the error data submission, which some domestic spending were reported to be from abroad, caused by the change in the settlement system between banks.
5/ Total number of account refer to number of account of credit card loan that is outstanding as at the end of period.
6/ Outstanding as at the end of period.
7/ Amount of outstanding more than 3 months include overdue loans of which the payments of principal or interest are late by 3 months or more from the due date. These items will be reported only at the end of quarter.
8/ Amounts are flows within specified period.
9/ Amounts are flows within specified period. During 2002 - 2011, Cash Advance of Other Corporations or Foreign Credit Card included cash withdrawal from deposit account via credit card. From January 2012 onwards, data on this item display only cash advance.
10/ Since July 2016, some commercial banks had stopped services in some type of credit cards which cause a drop in total number of accounts.
11/ Since December 2015, non-bank credit card companies had adjusted number of non-movement accounts result in decreasing of total number of accounts.