EC_XT_030 International Reserves 1/ 2/
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1   (Millions of US Dollars)      
4Reserve position in the IMF1,250.691,261.361,264.871,262.691,281.571,269.43
5Foreign currency reserves223,889.94230,726.67231,103.26229,963.43234,108.90236,456.11
6   Gross International Reserves244,670.55252,012.59248,018.70246,528.76251,784.34250,372.00
7Net Forward Position32,730.0030,160.0031,710.0033,320.0032,060.8630,670.86
8   Net International Reserves277,400.55282,172.59279,728.70279,848.76283,845.20281,042.86
9   (Millions of Baht) 3/      
12Reserve position in the IMF42,394.7840,789.7341,606.5640,469.2540,054.1139,603.76
13Foreign currency reserves7,589,197.037,461,239.027,601,910.427,370,327.607,316,839.667,376,957.47
14   Gross International Reserves8,293,597.538,149,583.028,158,327.077,901,246.667,869,267.827,811,105.73
15Net Forward Position1,109,448.81975,314.081,043,068.741,067,906.001,002,030.12956,869.49
16   Net International Reserves9,403,046.349,124,897.109,201,395.818,969,152.668,871,297.948,767,975.22
17Exchange Rate (End of Period) 4/33.897032.338032.894032.050031.254031.1980

Bank of Thailand
1/ From May 26, 2000 onward, all components of reserves are marked to market.
2/ Starting October 2016, international reserves include currency that has been added to the calculation of the SDR basket. (For more detail, please refer to the IMF definition of the SDR basket )
3/ Thai baht equivalent figures are derived from USD equivalent figures, converted at the first digit level using end-of-period reference rate.
4/ For both weekly and monthly series from 1 January 1999 to 25 December 2009, conversion to baht equivalent was based on counter mid-rate. For data as of 31 December 2009 onwards, however, reference rate has instead been used for currency conversion.