EC_EI_004_S2 PII and Components (Seasonally Adjusted)
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1Private Investment Index (PII) 1/128.81128.16142.15134.93126.64151.05
2   Construction Area Permitted (9-month moving average) (1000 sq. m)5,025.394,946.914,936.024,939.024,995.445,034.37
3   Construction Material Sales Index 2/94.2689.12108.73113.8797.81127.55
4   Imports of Capital Goods at 2010 Prices (Million USD) 3/4,165.594,105.254,040.633,831.944,003.824,275.62
5   Domestic Machinery Sales at 2010 Prices (Million baht) 4/79,878.9982,494.0588,308.6482,097.1174,540.9693,849.67
6   Number of Newly Registered Motor Vehicles for Investment Purpose (Units) 5/28,983.0028,779.0036,854.0036,019.0031,040.0040,051.00
7Private Investment Index (PII) (Seasonally Adjusted) 1/137.86140.17145.18138.27139.78139.16
8   Construction Area Permitted (9-month moving average) (1000 sq. m) (Seasonally Adjusted)5,048.354,942.874,922.154,904.584,889.084,927.49
9   Construction Material Sales Index (Seasonally Adjusted) 2/94.4788.54103.48109.77110.10111.78
10   Imports of Capital Goods at 2010 Prices (Million USD) (Seasonally Adjusted) 3/4,228.884,183.184,156.913,940.834,091.454,150.57
11   Domestic Machinery Sales at 2010 Prices (Million baht) (Seasonally Adjusted) 4/83,800.5484,752.9485,000.4780,060.7280,846.4881,131.27
12   Number of Newly Registered Motor Vehicles for Investment Purpose (Units) (Seasonally Adjusted) 5/28,452.1029,349.2534,877.4833,541.4534,691.3634,812.05

1. Bank of Thailand
2. National Statistical Office, and Department of Public Work
3. The Office of Industrial Economics, Ministry of Industry
4. Customs Department, Ministry of Finance
5. Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance
6. Department of Land Transport , Ministry of Transport
1/ PII series are rebased to 2010 starting from January 2010.
2/ Construction material sales index includes sales of cement (portland, mixed, and various types), clinkers, ready-mixed concrete, concrete piles, concrete floor planks, bricks, cement pipes, sanitary fixtures, wall/floor tiles, asbestos cement roman roofing tile, and roofing tile.
3/ Total imports of capital goods excludes rental and leasing transportation items, and includes computer and information services (imports of services).
4/ Latest data estimated by BOT
5/ Total number of newly registered motor vehicles excludes motorcycles and passenger cars (seven-or-less seaters)