FI_RT_004_S3 Average of Ratio of Thai Commercial Banks (Peer Group) 1/ 2/
Service Manager Arisara (66(0)2283-5196) Jantana (66(0)2356-7406)   
  Last Updated : 10 Aug 2020 16:16 (Unit: Millions of Baht)  
  Large Thai Commercial Bank 3/Medium Thai Commercial Bank 4/Small Thai Commercial Bank 5/Average Thai Commercial bank
1Number of Bank (Places)53614
2Financial Ratio    
3Asset Quality and Capital Adequacy Ratio (%)    
4   Capital funds/Risk assets18.2124.1819.5719.14
5   Tier 1 Capital/Risk assets15.0320.8115.7815.88
6   Off-balance-sheet Transactions/Assets127.9877.63353.39140.11
7   Loan to related parties/Loans2.886.684.803.58
8   Non - performing loan/Loans3.372.392.513.16
9   Actual allowance/Required allowance203.61150.54175.92196.12
10   Problem assets/Assets plus allowance2.952.072.192.76
11   Loans/Deposits108.06109.12114.23108.67
12    Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) 6/197.91140.80157.91183.70
13Profitability Ratio (%)    
14   Interest income/Average net assets (Per year)3.934.264.254.00
15   Interest expenses/Average net assets (Per year)1.241.471.631.31
16   Net interest income/Average interest earning assets (Per year) (NIM)2.822.902.832.83
17   Non-interest income/Average net assets (Per year)2.392.311.022.25
18   Operating expenses/Average net assets (Per year)2.332.302.072.30
19   Profit (loss) from operation/Average net assets (Per year)2.752.801.572.65
20   Net profit (loss)/Average net assets (Per year) (ROA)1.411.791.111.43
21   Non-interest income/Total income37.7935.2119.3336.03
22   Gain (loss) on investments in securities/Non-interest income31.5732.8311.5530.95
23   Gain (loss) on foreign exchanges/Non-interest income9.335.5028.869.56
24   Fee and services income/Non-interest income49.3440.7055.0448.32
25   Salaries and employee benefits/Operating expenses39.1844.5848.1440.65
26   Operating expenses/Net interest income86.6182.5379.0285.37
27Efficiency Ratio (Millions of Baht)    
28   Average net assets/Number of bank's branches2,750.332,340.934,796.072,785.80
29   Average net assets/Number of bank's employees127.03101.88126.27122.71
30   Net profit (loss)/Number of bank's employees (Per year)1.791.821.401.76
31   Net profit (loss)/Number of bank's branches (Per year)38.7441.7953.1739.97
32   Salaries and employee benefits/Number of bank's employees (Per year)

1/ Since January 2016, Peer group (Thai Commercial Banks) has been adjusted.
2/ Thai Commercial Banks : exclude Retail Banks and Subsidiary.
3/ Large Bank : Large Bank : included Thai Commercial Banks with market share of Total Assets > 10 %
4/ Medium Bank : included Thai Commercial Banks with market share of Total Assets 2.5% < x < 10 %
5/ Small Bank : included Thai Commercial Banks with market share of Total Assets <2.5 %
6/ The Bank of Thailand has imposed the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) Framework which replaces the maintenance 6 percent reserve requirement.Regarding the LCR framework which has been implemented on January 1, 2016, all banks shall maintain high-quality liquid assets not less than net expected cash outflow over the next 30 days.