EC_MB_040 Loans to Household classified by Purpose 1/
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  Last Updated : 30 Sep 2022 14:31 (Unit: Millions of Baht)  
  Q2/2022 pQ1/2022 Q4/2021 rQ3/2021 rQ2/2021 rQ1/2021 r
1Personal consumption11,293,71411,182,26311,155,98910,961,20310,932,55310,836,549
2   Real estate purchase5,112,8145,064,1615,030,5994,964,1224,911,6514,845,990
3   Vehicle purchase or hire purchase1,810,1301,813,7971,814,4601,783,8231,804,9271,803,124
4   Education232,489240,137248,122256,642269,772284,686
5   Other personal consumption4,138,2814,064,1694,062,8083,956,6163,946,2033,902,749
6      of which credit card and personal loan1,218,7551,151,8491,164,9271,072,0521,027,5461,006,943
7Own business2,682,2722,686,2792,644,3882,612,3272,583,0502,556,520
8Other 2/788,258787,784776,467763,631756,140736,250
10Household loans to GDP (%) 3/

Bank of Thailand
1/ Composing of Loans and Investments in Household Debtors.
2/ Composing of Investment in securities and Loans that cannot be classified.
3/ Household loans to GDP or Household debt to GDP calculated by dividing Total household loans from financial corporations by rolling 4-quarter sum of gross domestic product at current price, starting from the reference quarter backwards.