​​The ​​1000-Baht Banknote, Series 16

Security Features ​​​​​​​


​1. Intaglio / Raised Print

  • HM the King's portrait's, Thai letters,  denomination numerals, elaborate design, and Garuda image are easily be sensed by touch.​

​2. Watermark​​

  • HM the King's portrait watermark and the translucent watermark "๑๐๐๐" can be clearly observed by viewingthe note against the light. ​

​3. See-through Register​​​

  • The numerals "1000", partially printed on both sides, are completely formed when viewing against light. 


​4. Hologram Foil Stripe​​

  • Reflective holographic foil on the right hand side of the note contains the Royal Emblem with Arabic numeral "1000" in the center, switching to Thai numeral "๑๐๐๐" when tilting the note.​​​

5. Color-shifting Ink with Latent Image​​

  • The color of Thai Ornament at the bottom left corner of the note will change from gold to green upon tilting, and the latent image of hidden numeral "1000" becomes visible.​

6. Iridescent Ink​

  • Arabic numerals “1000” and Thai patterns are printed vertically with reddish iridescent ink. ​​​

​7. Windowed Color-shifting Security Thread​​ with Moving-Box Animation

  • The special security thread on the reverse side illustrates moving-box effect and changes from magenta to green upon tilting. ​​

​8. Tactile Marks​​

  • Seven horizon lines leading to the four tactile marks in the shape of flowers, representing ther Braille's alphabet "T", symbolizing Thousand (1000), can be identified by touch.​​

9. Microtext​​

  • Imprinted in the form of Arabic numerals “1000”, which can be seen by magnifying glasses.​​

10. Special Features under Ultraviolet Light​​

  • The fluorescent paper fibers, classical-Thai ornaments become fluoresced under UV Light.