Treasury Center

Treasury Center (TC) means a company registered in Thailand that is authorized in Thailand to manage foreign currency for its conglomerate group both in Thailand and overseas. The scopes of TC management are as followed:

  1. Purchase of obligations or invoices and acting as agents in paying or receiving fund
  2. Netting of income or obligations
  3. Purchase, sale, or exchange of foreign currencies and management of exchange rate risk
  4. Management of liquidity

     Information about Treasury Center

    1. Rules and Practices of Treasury Centers
    1.1 Notification of the Ministry of Finance on Directions of the Minister to Treasury Centers.pdf
    1.2 The Notice of the Competent Officer Re Rules and Practices regarding Treasury Centers (Unofficial Translation).pdf
    1.3 Summary of rules and practices of Treasury Centers (Last update as of 11 nov 2019 ).pdf
    2. Request forms of Treasury Centers
    2.1 Request form for submission of a Treasury Center license.docx
    2.2 Request form for submission of letter of certification of Treasury Center business’ qualifications.docx
    3. Other documents related to Treasury Centers’ business
    Example of power of attorney (in case the authorized signatory does not submit the request in person).docx
    Example of power of attorney that appoints and grants full authority to Treasury Center to manage all treasury functions.docx
    4. Public Handbooks
    4.1 Public Handbook - Treasury Center - License.pdf
    4.2 Public Handbook - Treasury Center - Change information.pdf
    4.3 Public Handbook - Treasury Center - Substitute License.pdf
    4.4 Public Handbook - Treasury Center - Qualifications.pdf
    5. Reporting of Treasury Centers
    Reporting of Treasury Centers.pdf
    6. List of Treasury Centers
    List of Treasury Centers.pdf
    7. Inquiry
    Inquiry EN.pdf
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