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• The above service period It does not apply to the exemption from legal proceedings. Rules or contractual requirements Rather, it is the commitment of commercial banks to provide efficient service and meet the needs of customers. It's not. To provide customers with convenient, fast service and know the operation of commercial banks. however Such service standards must take into account the accuracy and completeness of facts and/or information, as well as customer cooperation. as well as force majeure. Incidents that commercial banks cannot prevent and/or incidents in which commercial banks must comply with the commercial bank's business continuity plan on a case-by-case basis.

• Commercial Bank reserves the right to amend or change any information, content, conditions or terms. In the standard of providing such services without prior notice. In case of delays aberration In any case, commercial banks have no liability to customers, service users and/or any other person. And commercial banks are not responsible for indemnification. Loss Claims, loss of business opportunities loss of profit and/or any liability, directly or indirectly, as a result of any claim, whether contractual; Even if the commercial bank is notified by the customer, the service user. and/or any other person who may cause such damage.


• This SLA information is information received by the BOT from the service provider and published for the purpose of displaying the SLA information initially. Please ask directly for details and conditions from the service provider you are interested in. Bank of Thailand. KTC reserves the right to assume any responsibility arising from the preparation. Canceling Publishing any other action, application or action in any case;

• If any text or numbers are found to be inaccurate and up-to-date. Please inform the Financial Consumer Protection Center (EIC). Tel. 1213