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BOT's Strategic Plan 2024-2026
BOT's OKRs 2024

Strategic Plan 2023

      Bank of Thailand (BOT) has facilitated the Thai financial and economic system to accommodate the economic, financial environment and various risks that are accelerating and intensifying, especially in dealing with the impact of the COVID pandemic. However, from the evolving economic and financial landscape of Thailand, this is an opportunity for the BOT to realign its approach from focusing on short-term solutions to giving more weight to a long-term picture. The BOT aims for the Thai economy to not only be stable and strong (Stability), but also flexible and durable (Resiliency) enough to be able to adapt with increasing uncertainties and new types of risks in the future, including creating new opportunities for growth from sustainability and digital trends along with preparing the BOT to be able to drive forward its mission changes in the coming period.

      The BOT therefore created a new strategic plan (2024 - 2026) to determine the direction of the BOT's functions to keep up with the changes. Under the challenges ahead which come from both internal and external factors, the objective is to make the Thai economy ready for future global changes (future ready). The 3 main areas: 1. Strengthening the economy's flexibility and durability (shifting focus to resiliency) 2. Raising the potential of organization (transforming) and 3. Open, learn, listen, and cooperate with the outside (open & engaged)

      For short-term direction, the BOT has used the OKRs (Objective and Key Results) as a tool to set annual directions in response to rapidly changing environments including behaviors, business models, financial services, and growing economy. This is to ensure that the BOT can promote smooth economic recovery that inclusively and sustainably benefits the Thai people and continue to responsively perform its duties in this more challenging world.

OKRs 2024

1. Economic Stability

2. Household Stability

3. Environmental Finance

4. Digital Finance

5. HROD (Human Resource Organization Development)

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