Bank of Thailand Learning Center

This is an open space located along the Chao Phraya River, which was formerly the bank of Thailand banknote printing house building. It consists of the Bank of Thailand Museum, King Vivattanachai Library, Archives, and recreation areas.

The Learning Center marks the opening of the door to “Bankchart”, the nickname by which the Bank of Thailand is known by most people. Through this door, we reach out to welcome visitors who are interested in learning about our roles and responsibilities, while exhibitions touching on economic history offer interesting lessons from experience of our forerunners who have successfully helped to steer the course of the Thai economy through a stable and sustainable path, their achievements as well as philosophy, would be inspiring to the younger generations and to future leaders.

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    Prince Vivadhanajaya Library

A modern library with facility for co-working space and meeting rooms. The public and researchers can access information and knowledge on various subjects, particularly those areas related to central bank, such as economics, finance, accounting, law, etc.



The library

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    Bank of Thailand Museum

The learning museum, providing historical economics and finance through various exhibitions, journeys back to time of money evolution along with the roles and responsibilities of the Bank of Thailand, including; Note Printing Exhibition, Money through the Ages, and Bank of Thailand Experience. 



The museum

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    ​Bangkhunprom Palace

One of the most beautiful royal palaces in Thailand and the former residence of H.R.H. Prince Paripatra and his family. The Palace comprises Tumnak Yai, the mansion of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand, and Tamnak Somdej, the mansion of the prince’s mother, Queen Sukhumalamarasri.

Bangkhunphrom Palace

​Bangkhunprom Palace

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    The Bank of Thailand Archives

The Bank of Thailand Archives preserves and makes available records of the Bank that have been selected for permanent preservation because of their administrative, informational, legal and historical value as evidence and knowledge. The Archives supports the Bank’s work today, and also assists scholars and researchers studying areas of economic and financial history and policy that have been affected by the Bank's activities.


Archives Room

Archive Reference Room

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    Creative Activities

Learning is a life-long journey. It is the hope of the Bank of Thailand that this Learning Center fosters a community of people with learning passion, embracing broad range of diversified interests. A living learning hub will make learning experience fun, meaningful, and inspiring, and fosters a creative culture of sharing of ideas and knowledge. For this reason, activities open to the public are an important part of the Learning Center.


BOTLC Activities

BOTLC Activity

Bank of Thailand Learning Center

273 Samsen Rd, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

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