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Bank of Thailand

     This cookie policy aims to inform about the various types of cookies and other similar technologies (cookies) that are used on the website and electronic services (website) under the Bank of Thailand (BOT) ’s control and administration. Users (you) may need to understand the definition, objectives, cookie setting, policy review, as well as the BOT’s contact channel.


     Cookies are small text files that are placed on your browser by the BOT’s website that you visit, in addition, they may be stored on your computer or electronic device (such as a smartphone) which are used to access our certain websites. Cookies are widely used in order to recognise your device's settings, and make websites work and function more efficiently.

     The BOT uses cookies or other similar technologies to collect information including your personal information, such as your IP Address, when you access the BOT’s website. The purposes of cookies are stated as follow:

     2.1 To recognise information about your browser and your preferences, help you continuously access the websites, and also enhance your experience and satisfaction of the service.

     2.2 To collect and analyse information about your visit and usage of the website services that enable the BOT to better understand the interests and the service usage of stakeholders.

     2.3 To assess and improve the performance of the website services.     

     In addition, you can find further information regarding our personal data collection, use, disclosure, and security measures through the BOT’s Personal Data Privacy Policy.  

     The BOT uses cookies on the websites listed in the table below. Each website may use cookies for certain purposes as described in Section 2.         

Name  Website URL 
   Bank of Thailand
​   Bank of Thailand Learning Center
​   Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research
   Credit Information Protection Committee
   Thai Financial Market Committee
   ​Thailand Financial Instruments Information Center
​   BOT SecureNET

     Remark: The Daily Exchange Rate website,, does not currently contain cookies.

     The BOT’s website uses both the first-party cookies and third party-cookies, which are set by our third party providers, to enhance the performance of BOT’s website.  

     4.1 Cookies categorised by duration comprise 2 types as follow. 

         (1) Session cookies are temporarily stored to recognise you when you are visiting the BOT’s website. They will be deleted from your computer or device once you sign out of websites or close the browser.

         (2) Persistent cookies stay on your device for a given period or until you delete them from your hard disk or device. This type of cookies helps the BOT’s website recognise you and other device settings, when you return to the website, so as to receive more convenient and prompt services. 

     4.2 Cookies categorised by purpose comprise 4 types as follow. 

         (1) Strictly necessary cookies are necessary for the BOT’s website to function or to service, so that you can navigate around any sections of the website securely and efficiently. These cookies are also set in response to actions made by you through the website, therefore, if you block these cookies, you will not be able to access the BOT’s certain essential contents which require these cookies as a result. (e.g., Audience Manager)

         (2) Preferences or Functionality cookies enable the BOT’s website to recognise your preference setting, and also provide enhanced functionality and contents in line with personalisation. These cookies help recognise user accounts logging in our systems, setting language preferences displaying on pages, for example. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of the website services may not function properly (malfunction) causing inconvenient and inefficient usage. (e.g., Search and Promote cookies)   

         (3) Statistic or Performance cookies allow us to know how you interact with the BOT’s website, which pages or sections of the website are popular, and to conduct data analytics in another aspect as well. The BOT uses the information to improve website performance, and to understand users’ behaviour. All information these cookies collect aims at statistical purpose only and is anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, it leads to the consequence that the BOT is not able to measure a number of visits and assess the service quality of the website. (e.g., Analytics cookies, Experience Cloud cookies, Target cookies, Data Workbench cookies and Scene7 cookies)  

         (4) Marketing cookies are cookies connected to the third-party websites aiming to track your online activities, and website visits. They help offer website services added by the third parties. If you do not allow these cookies, it will not affect your BOT website usage but may have an impact on products and services provided by the third parties regarding a profile of your interests. (e.g., Targeting cookies, Data Connector cookies and Advertising Cloud cookies)

     Typical browsers are set at “Accept all Cookies” by default. You are however able to choose “accept” or “reject” certain cookies on the BOT’s website from time to time through your browser settings. The BOT facilitates you by collecting a list of URL browsers as below. These URL links bring you to those browsers’ Help Service accordingly.

     The BOT reserves the right in case that you access the following URL links and does not hold both civil and crime liabilities for damages arising from your actions. This is because the BOT, in any case, is not related to these websites including their contents, on top of that, access to such websites derives from your own independent decision. 

​Browsers URL 
​   Internet Explorer Link
   Microsoft EdgeLink
Google ChromeLink
​   Mozilla FirefoxLink
​   Safari Link
​   Safari iOSLink
​   OperaLink

      In addition, if you block or reject cookies on your browsers or device, you may notice that certain features on the BOT’s website will not function or provide services properly.

     The BOT’s website may appear URL links to third-party websites or social media platforms, as well as embedded contents or videos from social media sites, such as YouTube or Facebook. This helps you access contents and interact with other persons on social media platforms through the BOT’s website, however, those third-party websites or social media platforms may have cookie setting in place. As such, the BOT is not able to control or take responsibility on those cookies. To find out more details, the BOT recommends you read the third parties’ cookie policy or notice as well.    

     The BOT shall, at least, annually review the cookie policy or whenever there is any significant change to ensure that it remains proper and in accordance with circumstances which may change. The BOT shall accordingly publish the up-to-date policy available on the BOT’s website.

     Should you have further inquiry or question regarding personal data protection, you can contact the BOT’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) through the following channel:

     Data Protection Officer (DPO) 
     Contact: Enterprise Risk Management Department, BOT 
     Address: 273 Samsen Road, Watsamphraya, Pranakhon District, Bangkok 10200 

*DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial translation which is provided by the Bank of Thailand as the competent authority for information purposes only. Whilst the Bank of Thailand has made efforts to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the translation, the original Thai text as formally adopted and published shall in all events remain the sole authoritative text having the force of law.