Economic Publication

Report on Business Sentiment Index (BSI) and Other Economic Indices

The BOT constructs and publishes monthly Business Sentiment Index (BSI) which reflects the economic and business conditions in the current month and expectation in next 3 months. BSI is constructed by surveying businesses nationwide both in Bangkok and other provinces. In some months, the special survey in specific topics is launched together with the BSI survey.


Business Outlook Report

To enhance the economic forecasting efficiency and assist the MPC in making appropriate monetary policy decisions by providing some insights and useful information which cannot be captured by the econometric model, which is inevitably subjects to the theoretical constraints and structural model of quantitative analysis. Therefore, the Bank of Thailand has set up the Economic/Business Information Exchange Program as one channel for exchanging information and building better understanding about Thailand's economic conditions, both at macro and micro level, with private sector.


Credit Conditions Report

The Bank of Thailand conducts a quarterly credit condition survey to review opinions of senior loan officers from financial institutions, credit card and personal loan companies under supervision (Non-banks). It helps the Bank to be more efficiently and effectively in understanding and analysing developments of credit conditions. The Bank has been exploring how the surveys are conducted in the light of other central banks' experience.

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