Bank of Thailand

The Bank of Thailand’s main role is to ensure orderly domestic macroeconomic and financial conditions to support stable and sustainable economic growth of the Thai economy.

Formulating and implementing
the monetary policy

The main responsibility of every central bank is ot formulate monetary policy that will promote stable financial system where prices of goods and services do not change too quickly to affect the business and public sectors


Preserving financial stability

Preserving financial stability will ensure that financial institutions can perform their role of intermediary effectively. Without stability, the economy can experience crisis that directly affects well-being of people.

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Supervising and examining the financial institutions system

Formulating financial institutions developing strategies and policies, as well as supervising operation and risk management of financial institutions and financial service providers to ensure that financial system is being efficient, sound, and support stable economic growth.



International cooperation

The BOT cooperates with other central banks both at regional and international levels in order to enhance financial and economic stability, as well as support the role of the BOT in the international arena


Special measures

Under the unfavorable situations which can severely impact on the economy, the BOT steps in to facilitate the continuity of the functioning of financial and economic system. This aims to support the recovery as well as the stable growth of the Thai economy in the long run. This extra task is not the main responsibility of the central bank

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