Damaged Banknotes

How to Redeem Damaged Banknotes

Damaged banknotes characteristics


A half banknote

A half banknote

means the sheet is vertically divided in the middle of the note into two. This can be redeemed at its half value.​​​ 


A mismatched banknote

means a note attached with pieces of another banknote. If not more than 2 pieces mismatched and the same domination, the note can be redeemed at its normal value.​​  




A mutilated banknote

means a note of which some part is torn-off. If the banknote paper is left more than half, it can be redeemed at its normal value.​ 


A faded banknote

means texts or letters on the banknote are not clear. If proved that it is a national banknote, it can be redeemed at its normal value.​

A faded banknote


  • Government Savings Bank branches across the country ​​​​
  • Commercial banks across the country ​(excluding the branches located in the department stores/shopping complexes) Wednesdays only
  • Banknote Clinic at BOT learning center, 1st floor, every last Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Damaged notes can be redeemed for new ones according to the following criteria.


1. Half note, mismatched note, mutilated note, or defaced note (with less than three-fifths of the original banknote remaining)

  • Fill out a completed claim form available at a commercial bank and submit it together with a damaged note to the commercial bank's officer.
  • The Bank of Thailand determines the value of the damaged note. The reimbursement is made by bank transfer or by post as specified in the claim form
  • Fire-damaged, water-damaged, insect-damaged, or decayed banknote should be handled with care and presented to the commercial bank's officer for the issue of tag to be used in the exchange service processed by the Bank of Thailand


2. A banknote with three-fifths or more of the original banknote remaining

  • Immediate exchange can be made at the full face value


​Banknote Verification Section
Tel. 0-2356-8735-37 


​Rayong Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-3861-9157 # 8810

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Banknote Operation Center​

Tel. 0-5393-1025-6


​Phitsanulok Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-5526-2406-8 # 8840

​Khon Kaen

​Khon Kaen Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-4322-6051 # 8988

​Nakhon Ratchasima​

​Nakhon Ratchasima Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-4425-9642 # 8869, 8870

​Ubon Ratchathani ​

Ubon Ratchathani Banknote Operation Center​​

Tel. 0-4531-7882-3 # 8900


Hat Yai Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-7423-6200 # 4383

​Surat Thani

Surat Thani Banknote Operation Center
Tel. 0-7720-1307-8 # 8929, 8930

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