Financial Innovation

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) encourages financial service providers to utilize technology in developing products and services. This financial innovation aims to enhance efficiency, convenience, safety with less costs, and better serve the needs of customers.

The Future of Thai Finance

After the smooth take-off, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) is committed to ensure that the Thai ecnonomy to growth sustainably going forward. Challenges ahead include household debt, digital finance as well as sustainability issues. 


Dr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput
Governor, Bank of Thailand

Financial Landscape

Digital Finance

Leveraging on technology and data

to drive innovation and better financial services through 1. Open Competition, 2. Open Infrastructure, and 3. Open Data

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Sustainable Finance

Sustainable growth movement especially in terms of environment has come faster and given impacts on our lives more than expected. In addition, inequality is another structural problem of Thailand. The transition to the new world that does not pose negative impact on the vulnerable group and public at large is required.

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Flexible supervision that can capture new types of risks

Allowing financial service providers to adapt, develop innovations, and handle new types of risks effectively. The BOT therefore enhance its supervisory approach by giving more flexibility, reducing burden of supervision, and enhancing key risk monitoring as well as risks to financial stability arising from financial service providers under the new global finance system.

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