Banknotes Handling


The banknote is specially tough and durable; however, due to some factors such as the weather or the familiarity of using the banknote without care, they become damaged sooner than expected. The followings are some methods to extend the banknote's lifetime.

1. Keep the banknote in a strength position or avoid folding.​​​​

2. Avoid writing or stamping the banknote to keep the surface clean.​

3. Avoid binding the banknote wiht stapler or paperclip since the banknotes will be easily militated.​​

4. Carefully and cautiously use the banknote. Avoid using the note for invention activities.​​

5. Keep banknotes away from moisture, heat, and chemicals.​


​The above practices will not only extend the banknote's lifetime, but also save the country's resources and budget because all printing expenses are taken from yields of the currency reserve, which belongs to all of us.


Banknotes Handling Ideas for Donation