Payment infrastructure that makes transactions easier, convenient, faster, with lower fees.

Get to know PromptPay

PromptPay has been launched since 2016 as a payment system infrastructure that expands user options to transfer money using their citizen ID, mobile phone number (or recipient’s other identification number) and bank account number via digital channels with lower fees.

In addition to facilitating basic money transfers and payments, PromptPay is also an important tool utilized by government for social welfare disbursement to the intended recipients by transferring money directly using the recipient's citizen ID number. In addition, PromptPay offers a variety of supplementary services that have gained immense popularity among public, business, and government sectors, fostering a continuous increase in payment transactions.

promptpay flow

To participate in PromptPay, users need to register by linking their existing bank accounts with their citizen ID or phone number through convenient channels such as mobile banking, internet banking, ATM machines, or branch services. Registration can be completed at the user's convenience and readiness. 

Individuals who has bank accounts across different banks do not need to register PromptPay for each account; they can simply choose one account for receiving money via PromptPay (e.g., Mr. A). Alternatively, if individuals wish to use PromptPay with different accounts, they can link their citizen ID to the first account and their phone number to the second account (e.g., Mr. B and Mr. C). However, it is crucial to note that the same phone number cannot be linked to more than one account.

PromptPay Registration Examples

Table of Standard PromptPay Fees


Transaction Value (baht/transaction)Fee (baht/transaction)
 Not exceeding 5,000 baht Free
 > 5,000 - 30,000 baht< 2 baht
 > 30,000 - 100,000 baht< 5 baht
 > 100,000 baht to the bank maximum limit

< 10 baht



Note: Since 2018, most banks have waived fees for digital payment transactions such as mobile payment.

PromptPay Service Extension

PromptPay Service Extensions