Rotations and appointment of Bank of Thailand’s senior management

BOT Press Release No.16/2024 | 24 Apr 2024

Ms. Daungporn Rodpengsangkaha, Secretary of the Bank of Thailand’s Board, announced today (24 April 2024) that the Board has made decision on the rotations and appointment of Bank of Thailand’s senior management, to be effective from 1 October 2024, as follows: 


1. Rotate Mrs. Roong Mallikamas, Deputy Governor, Corporate Development to be Deputy Governor, Financial Institutions Stability, in replacement of Mr. Ronadol Numnonda who will be retiring.

2. Rotate Mrs. Alisara Mahasandana, Deputy Governor, Monetary Stability to be Deputy Governor, Corporate Development.

3. Appoint Mr. Piti Disyatat, Assistant Governor, Monetary Policy Group to be Deputy Governor, Monetary Stability.  


Bank of Thailand

24 April 2024


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