Series 8


Series 8

At the end of the Greater East Asia War in August 1945, Thai government had tried to contact  Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited. As the company had been damaged during the War, it was unable to accept these orders. The Thai government thus turned to the U.S. government for assistance which was very helpful. The U.S. government had assigned the Bureau of Engraving and Printing prepare the printing plates and the Tudor Press company do the actual printing of the 8th series for Thai government. 

The front portrayed King Rama VIII at  young age as main element and the Phra Pathom Chedi as minor element in every denomination. On the back of all denominations was the constitution placed on a pedestal tray. There were 5 denominations: 
1, 5, 10, 20, and 100 Baht. They were printed by Tudor Press Inc. and issued in 1946 during the reign of King Rama IX. They had been ordered in the period of the King Rama VIII but had been shifted to Thailand when the King Rama IX had already ascended to the throne. ​

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