Bond Switching

is a transaction of exchanging a particular series of existing bonds held by investors (source bonds) with a particular series of selected bonds (destination bonds). Both source and destination bonds have been determined by bond issuers. This transaction can be used as a tool for refinancing and increasing liquidity in the debt securities market.

Bond switching

Benefits to investors


                  1. A privilege is given to investors to exchange  existing bonds with selected bonds having higher liquidity.

                  2. For managing investment portfolio to minimize risk / maximize return.

How to do transactions


                 1. Via the BOT's Bswitching system: All participants must be members of the Bswitching. (Started operation via Bswitching system since November 28, 2017)

                2. Via Joint Lead Manager (JLM): Investors must submit an exchange request to JLM appointed by the issuer.

Applying for Bswitching service


               ​​Applicants must be e-Bidding members​ (competitive bidder) and have to submit an application at least 15 working days prior  to using the service as follows:    


1. Submit an application with documents required by the BOT:​

2. As the applicant receives an acceptance email from the BOT, the applicant has to appoint rights manager in the

system and submits a Letter to Appoint Rights Manager to the BOT.​

3. Assign and approve user rights.

Applying for the service

Member Relations Team, Payment and Bond Department Building 2, 4th Floor

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