Logos of the Thai National Banking Bureau and the Bank of Thailand



The Thai National Banking Bureau was primarily founded as an entity under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, the symbol of Vayupaksa bird (bird of paradise) in an ellipse shape with sharp corners, designed by His Royal Highness Prince Narisara Nuwattiwongse, was adopted as its official seal.



The Bank of Thailand began using Pra Phrom Pichit’s design of Phra Siam Deva Dhiracha embossed on the coin from the reign of King Rama V as the organization logo. The design was adapted by adding a money bag in his right hand and changing the head of the staff in his left hand to lotus shape, symbolizing the Bank of Thailand’s mission of preserving the well-being of the nation.



The Bank of Thailand’s logo was designed in a colorful palette. The “Bank of Thailand” was added in an arc above the emblem on blue background.

Meanwhile, the “Bank of Thailand” in Old English font style was also widely used and seen in many corporate products.



The logo was redesigned by minimizing details to reflect the identity of the Bank of Thailand – trustworthy, thoughtful, accessible, and contemporary. Navy blue, light blue, and grey were identified as corporate colors to communicate its core values of “Principles, Visions, Collaboration, and Humility.” These aims to ensure the public trust toward the Bank of Thailand’s mandates of “Patriarch, Visionary, and Collaborator” in preserving stability of economic and financial institution systems that will lead to sustainable well-being of the Thai people.

2017 and 2022


Other logos were designed to be used for various special occasions and products such as the 75th and 80th anniversary of the Bank of Thailand.