General questions

1. Where can I exchange commemorative banknotes?

  • You can exchange commemorative banknotes at any commercial banks in Thailand.

2. Can I exchange foreign currency at the Bank of Thailand?

  • The Bank of Thailand does not provide currency exchange service; however, you can contact commercial banks in Thailand.


Damaged Banknotes​​

​​​1. ​What should I do if I have damaged banknotes?

  • People can take damaged banknotes to Government Savings Bank or commercial banks in Thailand.

​2. How long does it take to redeem damaged banknotes?​​​

  • Money will be credited immediately for banknotes that have more than three-fifths of the original banknote remaining​. However, damaged banknotes which the Government Savings Bank or commercial banks​ are unable to exchange immediately are forwarded to the Bank of Thailand for examination. As a general rule, once the money reaches the Bank of Thailand, it takes around 10 - 15 days until either the redeemed amount is credited or the claim is rejected. See Damaged Banknote Policy​



​​​​​​​1.  Wh​​at should I do if I come into contact with counterfeit banknotes?​

  • ​You should notify the police or the Bank of Thailand immediately if you have received counterfeit money.​ It's illegal to knowingly use a counterfeit banknotes​​. See Counterfeit Banknote Suppression ​​

2.  How can I recognise counterfeit banknotes?​

  • Our banknotes have many features designed to combat counterfeiting.


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